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toddler girl portrait model

Yesterday we got another HUGE bag of clothes from my little girl’s fairy god mother, otherwise known as Danalin. My best friend has a little girl just one size up from mine. So we get hand-me-downs every six months from them. And the best part about it is that Danalin is a FANTASTIC shopper! She has the taste in clothes I wish I had. I know good fashion when I see it. It’s just hard to pick it out myself. Plus I HATE shopping. I walk into a store and suddenly I have a headache, I’m tired, I’m cranky. Every time I go shopping I wish that I could afford a personal shopper. And so, in Danalin, I at least have a personal shopper for my little girl! And its free! What more could I ask for!!!

toddler girl portrait model

So anyway, its like a shopping spree every time we get a new bag of clothes. I can hardly wait to get it home so I can open it up and see what new treasures are inside. This batch was particularly adorable!!! I’ll have to do some more model sessions to show some of it off. But we put on this little outfit and were all dressed up with nowhere to go. So we went a couple blocks to an alley and snapped some pictures for 10 mins.

toddler girl portrait model, photography

When I first started taking pictures “professionally” I would do 2-3 hour-long sessions. I would just keep shooting till the clients were sick of it or I ran out of ideas. Part of this was just inefficiency on my part. But the other part was that I thought people would want “more for their money.” That the client would think they were getting a good deal if I shot forever and ever. But I realized that just getting it done in the shortest amount of time is best! I know what pictures/poses most people want now. I have shot lists for each scenario. I can get an extended family done with all the different combinations done in under an hour. And they appreciate it!! I’ve had so many people compliment me on getting their pictures done quickly. And of course, I try to bring creativity, artistry, and something unique to each session. And I am always willing to keep shooting after we’ve gotten the necessaries taken. But I find that most people don’t want to go much longer than an hour. Children, in particular, don’t last long, as we know : ) The point being, that in just a quick 10 minute session with my baby, we got some awesome shots! So it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. I think that is one small factor as to why veteran photographers can charge more than your aunt/sister with a nice camera.

child photography, baby

I love this little girl! Parenting is so bitter/sweet. I want to keep her a baby and stop her from growing up, but every stage she goes through is so fun and wonderful to be apart of. What a gift, to have children!
child photography, baby


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