Happy Birthday to me!


My husband has never surprised me. I usually know what most of my big Christmas presents are.  I always know what my birthday presents are. He’s never very sly about getting a babysitter and taking me out on a date. He could never get away with anything, because I’m a suspicious person and always have my eyes on the look out.  Even the night he proposed I knew it was coming.  But good for him, I don’t like to be surprised. I am pretty scheduled and routined. I like to know before hand how I am spending my day.  So imagine my surprise when he gave me my birthday present this year and it was the $2000 lens I have been wanting for over a year. GASP! Literally, I gasped!

PSYCH! its a mug.  


WHEW! haha!  I was actually a little relieved it wasn’t the lens. I do our bills and finances and the first thing that came to my mind was “YOU GOT ME A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR PRESENT!!! YOU ARE CRAZY!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THE MONEY!?!”

I love the mug. I’ve seen them before and always think they are so fun.  What a sweet husband, he knows just what I like!  


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