Olivia Ballet Portraits : Salt Lake City Tooele Utah Photographer

I went to visit family this last week. It’s always nice to take a break from real life and lose track of time with family. While I was there I got to take some dance pictures of my little prima ballerina, Olivia. I also got to go to her dance recital. She was such a great dancer, but what I loved most about her dancing is that she danced how a 10-year-old should dance. It really bothers me that dance companies teach young girls to dance sensual and suggestively. I hate watching little girls swing their hips and do moves I’ve seen strippers do in movies. And I hate the sassy/bratty faces they tell the girls to make. Why are we teaching our girls to act like this? And why are these mothers encouraging it? Why do they want to sexualize their little girls? It’s not cute, its teaching them that that’s the kind of woman they are supposed to grow up to be. Or even more scary, that that’s who they should be now! I’ll get off my soap box, but man it’s so hard to watch these dance recitals when my inner feminist is screaming. But I just kept my eyes on my sweet niece that had a beautiful smile on her face the whole time. She was graceful and talented without the sensuality. What an example : ) It gave me hope for the day when my little girl might want to dance.
Dance silhouette
My sister-in-law asked for a silhouette. This isn’t really my thing and I really haven’t done it that much. I also didn’t have any lighting equipment with me, so we used a window to back light her. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out given the circumstances. And even though it sort of looks like selective color on her tutu, I like how the pink shines through.
dance ballet shoes

dance reflection


dance portrait

dance ballet

silhouette dance


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