Family Surgery :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photography

This is my brother, David and his daughter, Olivia. Olivia was born with a kidney disease. They’ve known since before she was even out of the womb that her kidneys would fail her at some point. They finally did and she needed a kidney transplant. Her dad got to be her donor and now she will carry a piece of him with her. I wanted to help their family somehow, and finally realized that I could offer to take some photos the day of the surgery. I felt so intrusive being in the hospital room, especially with Olivia. She was terrified and was trying hard not to show it. I seriously hated taking pictures of her scared little face. But I also thought she would probably love to have the photos to remember when she is an adult. We went to visit four days after the surgery and she was in ALOT of pain. I brought my camera, but one look at the pain written all over her face and I couldn’t even get it out of my bag. Maybe some moments aren’t supposed to be memorialized on film. I was there the day Olivia was born and have loved her ever since. She is the spunkiest, sweetest, funniest little girl.










4 Comments on “Family Surgery :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photography

  1. Wow…these pictures speak volumes. They will treasure them. I pray that the are both recovering & will be bake to full speed quickly

  2. These, as well as the rest, of the photos are priceless. Thanks so much for being there, with your skills. We love the photos already. I didn’t think you were intruding, by the way, just another family member with a huge camera.

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