JHS Architects :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photographer

I got to go to Pocatello, Idaho this weekend and take photos of some of my dad’s architecture firm’s, JHS Architects, buildings. (That is an awkward sentence, and I should wait for my English teacher husband to come home and fix it, but I’m not going to.) I’ve decided this might be my favorite kind of photography. I’m a novice and don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I feel the potential and I love what this niche of photography has to offer.

My dad has a very artistic side outside of architecture. He introduced me to photography and gave me my first camera. I sat in his library and read his series of 20 textbooks about the art of photography. I have good memories of watching him sketch in church. On a family trip to Jackson Hole, he and I sat below the Tetons and drew the mountains in chalk. One day I came home from school and the entire kitchen was a laboratory of candle making. However, most of his creativity comes out in his work. JHS has a unique aesthetic that is present in all their work and it made for interesting photography for me. It was so fun trying to find the best angle and light to show off the buildings features.

This building below is the bus headquarters for Pocatello Regional Transit.  This was fun to take some photos at dawn with the building lit up.

Pocatello Regional Transit, JHS Architects

Pocatello Regional Transit, JHS Architects

JHS Architects , Holt Arena

Holt Arena is the oldest enclosed stadium on a college campus in the United States and the second-oldest overall.

I was super impressed with this project. JHS Architects worked with a landscape archtect and a construction manager to create this huge 80 acre health center for the community to encourage people to get out an exercise. The had several soccer fields, a pond for fishing, a playground, volleyball and basketball courts, and an amphitheater for concerts. JHS designed the amphitheater and all the other buildings like the bathrooms, ticketing, concessions, etc.

JHS Architects , Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheatre


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