Peasnall Family Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photographer


The Peasnall family was so easy to photograph. They were all so nice and accommodating, but it also helps they are all great looking and photogenic : ) First off, the weather for this session stressed me out so much!  Maybe only other photographers would care about the minutia of weather and locations, if so you can skip reading to the next paragraph.

At the beginning of the week it was SO sunny that it was glaring off the snow and blinding at 9 in the morning. So I started looking for locations that could be backlit with trees or some shade.  But then in the middle of the week, Tooele had an inversion and the fog was so thick you could only see about 20 feet in front of you.  So I started looking for locations where the sun would be shining directly on their faces with trees right behind them so it didn’t just look like white nothingness. The Peasnall’s decided on Middle canyon in Tooele because we could probably use it for most weather situations.  The morning of the session it was foggy.  I drove up the canyon to double check on some locations and in the 30 minutes till the family showed up the weather went from foggy to sunny with shadows and back again. Crazy weather is so stressful, especially when a family of 14, some of whom are from out of town with only a 2 hour window of time to do once a year family portraits, are depending on you!! ahhh!!! … however, I think it made for some beautiful and unique images.  A more easy going person, that can roll with it, should probably do this job! haha.


I truly enjoyed doing my job, though, for that hour spent with the Peasnall’s. I know Tess, the mother of all these children and grandchildren, from church.  Tess has always been friendly to me and is always giving me compliments, in a warm, sincere, quiet way. She always makes me feel like she is truly happy to see me.  I always noticed her sitting with visitors or new members of the ward. At first I thought she probably knew them somehow, but then I realized that Tess kept her eyes open for people who would probably be feeling uncomfortable. People who were sitting alone. People who needed a friend.  I realized that Tess seeks these people out and extends a hand of friendship. She has such a gift of warmth and kindness.  I am so thankful for people like her!

And then I got to meet her great family! I saw that her kids had that same quiet, warmth in how they interacted with each other.  Brent, the father, teased and joked, and kept things fun. It was so nice to see a family of adults treating each other with kindness.  I actually teared up a little on my way home thinking of how I wanted my little family to have that when they get older.

Thank you Peasnall Family!!



4 Comments on “Peasnall Family Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photographer

  1. Wow!!! Natalie, the pictures turned out beautiful! The location was perfect! Our dark clothes against the white snow background made for a perfect combination!
    Natalie, there’s not enough word to express how grateful I am to you for capturing this precious moments with my family.I’m deeply touched by your kind words. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  2. Great looking photo shoot Natalie. I love the location, the snow makes these pretty unique. Nice touch.

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