Maddie’s Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Portrait Photographer

This is Maddie, my niece. We did a fun little session while at our family reunion.  Our family of 30 (lots of people missing) got to stay in a cabin right next to the Palisades Reservoir in Idaho. Its right on the border of Wyoming and about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole.  We had a free morning and went down to the lake and found these awesome weeds glowing in the morning light.  Maddie just got her braces off and wanted some pics to show off her pretty smile.  I’ve always thought Maddie was pretty, but that’s not what I think of first when I think of Maddie.  I think of how sweet she is. How kind. Soft spoken. Pure. Faithful. Peaceful. It wasn’t until she was in front of my camera and I was examining her features through my lens that I realized she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!  I kept thinking “Malibu Barbie” with that long hair and those vivid blue eyes! Later as I was editing these photos I realized what a unique and wonderful quality!  To be so pretty, but not have that be the first thing people think of you.  To have your inner beauty shine so bright it overwhelms your outer beauty.  What an example!

I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be able to photograph my nieces and nephews. I feel like spending that one on one time I get to know them so much better.  Thanks for asking me Maddie! And thanks for being such a ray of light!


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