Happy Birthday Elise!!! :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Portrait Photographer

My niece, Elise, turns 22 today. So for her birthday we did a fun photoshoot. She came up and spent the day with me. We went to lunch, she babysat my kids, she put some fake eyelashes on me, we laughed and laughed.  She, like her mother, is always a good time with lots of fun energy.

I have to say, it was sort of painful to get out my camera, dust it off from its months of storage, and start shooting again.  I have a love/anxiety relationship with photography.  I’m sure many people that turn their hobby into a job can relate. But the joy of photography has been waning since I started feeling like I HAD to do it to pay some bills.  Plus my camera has started slowing down a bit, which causes a delay, which causes me a mini heart attack every time I miss a moment.

But it felt good to create a little art this week with Elise.  The last few months I’ve been painting walls, crafting, sewing, doing watercolors, etc. All my creativity has been seeping out of me in other ways. So it felt good to manipulate some light.

Thanks for coming up Elise and helping me get my camera out : ) You look amazing!  LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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