Dance & Gymnastics Session :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photography

These are my two beautiful nieces. They each excel at their respective sport.  My camera equipment is old and slow, so doing sport photography was a challenge.  This is really an area where speedy equipment is key. The studio also offered really challenging lighting situations.  One room had awful light and the other room had mirrors on every wall. I had to hide my lights, camera and me from the mirrors. And my lights bounced off every mirror which was also fun and crazy to figure out how to use that to my advantage.  So while I was ill equipped, it was still fun and we got a few good shots.  I love these girls so much and feel so blessed to have been apart of their lives as they grow up.  They are spoiled rotten ; ) and have still managed to come out sweet, talented, smart, down to earth, kind, happy, friendly, wonderful girls.  They are truly beautiful inside and out.


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