Happy Birthday Heiners! :: Tooele Salt Lake City Children Photographer

Source: Happy Birthday Heiners! :: Tooele Salt Lake City Children Photographer


Happy Birthday Heiners! :: Tooele Salt Lake City Children Photographer


Happy Birthday to my beautiful children! They all have summer birthdays and I am proud of myself for actually getting their birthday photos done before school starts.



I love this little girl so much. ¬†She is an only girl, like me. She is a great mix of being a tom boy and always wanting to do everything her brothers do and holding her own in a fight. But she also so feminine, loving, affectionate, a little sweet heart. I can already feel she will be my friend for life. She loves life and is always quick to smile and laugh. She is unhurried and on her own time frame, just enjoying the journey. I can’t wait to see the woman she will become ūüôā



The boys were thrilled that they got to sword fight for their photos. Hitting each other is always a favorite passed time.



Quinn was doing silly voices and faces while they read Harry Potter. Jens has always thought Quinn was the most hilarious person in the world.



Oh this kid! ¬†He is the most responsible, smart, inquisitive, fun, silly little boy. He is amazing and is going to amazing things with his life. There is so much potential bursting out of him. His future is limitless and I can’t wait to see where he’ll go. He constantly has a new scheme of how to make money. He is constantly fascinated with learning about something new. He is always creating some new recipe or figuring out a science project. The only time he is still is when he is sleeping. I’m so grateful I get to be his mother!


Oh my sweet, little Jensy. This kid can go from happy to sad to mad in 2 seconds. ¬†He is sensitive little man who can’t hide his emotions. ¬†I know I’m similar and I feel like out of all my kids, I really understand where Jens is coming from. ¬†He is a little book lover and has been since a baby. I would find him asleep on a pile of books in his diaper. He is still loves books just as much and now I find books thrown all over his room after an evening of reading. ¬†This one is a little smarty pants. I think Heavenly Father must look at all of us the way we parents look at our children. ¬†Heavenly Father knows how much potential we all have, WE are the only ones holding ourselves back. WE are the only ones putting limits on who we are. ¬†Being a parent to these three and seeing who they are becoming brings me so much happiness and joy.


Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 8.01.07 PM

Outtakes. This is how it always is with him. ¬†Very expressive, never the genuine expression I want, however. But I’m always happy later to see the many faces of Jens.

Happy Birthday Elise!!! :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Portrait Photographer

My niece, Elise, turns 22 today. So for her birthday we did a fun photoshoot. She came up and spent the day with me. We went to lunch, she babysat my kids, she put some fake eyelashes on me, we laughed and laughed.  She, like her mother, is always a good time with lots of fun energy.

I have to say, it was sort of painful to get out my camera, dust it off from its months of storage, and start shooting again. ¬†I have a love/anxiety relationship with photography. ¬†I’m sure many people that turn their hobby into a job can relate. But the joy of photography has been waning since I started feeling like I HAD to do it to pay some bills. ¬†Plus my camera has started slowing down a bit, which causes a delay, which causes me a mini heart attack every time I miss a moment.

But it felt good to create a little art this week with Elise. ¬†The last few months I’ve been painting walls, crafting, sewing, doing watercolors, etc. All my creativity has been seeping out of me in other ways. So it felt good to manipulate some light.

Thanks for coming up Elise and helping me get my camera out : ) You look amazing!  LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Emma Senior Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Senior Phototgraphe

Hello Gorgeous! ¬†Emma, her mom, and I went up middle canyon last night and took some beautiful photos! ¬†I got to know Emma a little and found out she’s crazy smart and is going to be an engineer. ¬†She was also¬†so pretty and sweet. ¬†I usually try to narrow it down a little bit more, but there were so many cute photos. ¬†Thank so much for letting me do your senior photos! ¬†w0541aw0514aw0508a


White Room Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Photographer

We have a room in the “attic” of our house we turned into the playroom. ¬†I have always wanted an all white room to take photos in. ¬†And I told myself that with small children I’d have to be a masochist to paint a floor white. ¬†Especially the playroom! ¬†They have constantly¬†filthy¬†feet. But I couldn’t make myself wait any longer! It took me two weeks of an hour and an hour there, but I finally got the room finished!!! I had to use cookies as bribery, but my kids let me use them as models to figure out how to best use the light in the room. ¬†The photos of just my daughter are natural light back lit by a window. ¬†The¬†photos of my son and daughter together are using studio light. ¬†Can’t wait to play some more!!!


Baptism Portraits :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Children Photographer

My handsome, oldest son was baptized this summer. ¬†I’m late on posting and playing catch-up. ¬†I can’t believe my little man has turned eight! ¬†He is my responsible, smart little entrepreneur. ¬†His whole purpose in life right now is finding ways to earn money. ¬†He is going to learn how to mow lawns this week so he can start charging the neighbors. ¬†His past businesses have been selling lemon-aide and making balloon animals. ¬†Not only is he business savvy, he is a good kid who always includes younger kids in his games. He’s always organizing activities for whoever is over at our house. He is constantly doing “experiments” with items he finds in the kitchen. ¬†I love his creative, happy little soul and couldn’t be prouder. ¬†Love you!


Birthdays and Blessings :: Tooele Salt Lake City Utah Children Photographer

I got to babysit my cute nephews a few weeks ago. And while they were here we did a photoshoot. ¬†We took some photos of Baby D in his blessing outfit. It was sewn by his grandma and he looked so sweet it in! ¬†Toddler D turned two and was¬†in a great mood, lucky for me! ¬†Love these sweet boys! We’ve been so blessed to have them live close the last year.


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