Are you professionally trained?

Yes! I minored in photography in college. And since then, I have done a seminar with Rocky Mountain School of Photography, online courses, editing classes and lots of online tutorials.   When you hire me, you’ll know that I can handle bad lighting, make you look beautiful, and deal with grumpy family members!

What is your shooting style?

Since I started photography so long ago and have “traditional photography” stamped in my brain, I am a mixture of traditional and more modern/candid photography.  I will no doubt include traditional poses and lighting, but I love create a fresh, candid, romantic feel in my photography.

What should I wear to my portrait session?

Styling your photo shoot is very important, so spend some time on it!  You want to look coordinated without matching. Accessories are great (scarves, boots, hats, headpieces, jewelry, ties, jackets, belts, tights, etc.)  A good resource for this is pinterest! Props are always fun, especially if they help reflect who you and your family are.

What happens after the photo shoot?

Portrait sessions take approximately 2-3 weeks to edit and weddings take 4-6 weeks.  Once the images are finished, I will deliver the high resolution files to you with a print release.  If you would like professional prints, which I highly recommend, I will send you a print price list.  If you are going to pay for professional portraits, having professional prints is well worth it!

 How do I book?

Once you decide you’d like me as your photographer, I will e-mail you a photo agreement.  When you send this back to me I will process your retainer ($50 for portrait sessions and $400 for weddings) and your date will be reserved.  The balance is due before or on the day of your session. I live in Tooele and love to do weddings in Salt Lake City and Utah County.  If you are located more than an hour from me, there could be a travel fee included. But I will discuss it with you before you book.

My friend has a really nice camera and dabbles in photography.  Why should I hire a professional?

The best decision I made on my wedding day was to hire a professional photographer. Having beautiful photos documenting the details, is the only tangible thing I have to remember the day.  I’ll probably never fit into my dress again, but at least I have photos of how great I looked ; ) Today, everyone has access to nice gear but there is so much more to photography than an expensive camera.  It’s about understanding light, knowing how to make people look natural in front of the lens, and having a creative eye.


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